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A £5 donation helps to offset carbon by planting trees on a 3m x 3m square in the UK. 

Each square enables the offsetting of 0.9t of C02.

My Carbon Plan & what3words

Donor funds enable tree planting in the UK. We partner with the mapping service what3words to enable donors to select and see exactly which 3m x 3m square their funds have supported.

Our Projects & Donor Squares

Sponsor a Square and Start Offsetting

You can buy any of the Available Squares shown in the table above. You don't need to choose - we can auto-allocate for you and will let you know which sites and squares you have supported.

Please note: you are donating to support the planting of trees. You will not own the plot of land or have any rights attaching to the land or the trees planted. The allocation of squares is to provide donors with reassurance and transparency over how their funds are supporting our projects. Please ask if you have any questions.


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