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We are a few people who are increasingly concerned about the environment.​  We want to do something to make a difference, and assist others to do the same.

My Carbon Plan started from a discussion about the impact our daily actions and choices have on our carbon footprint, and a desire to understand what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.


Realising the difficulty in achieving carbon-zero through actions alone, we then started to explore methods for carbon offsetting.

Since those early conversations, My Carbon Plan has evolved into a not-for-profit company and a small community of like-minded people.

Join us now, no matter how small your initial pledges or actions may be - something small today is better than nothing at all.


And we all need to act now.

Giving Back


Use our online calculator to estimate your carbon footprint.


Discover easy ways to reduce your carbon usage.


Fund new offset schemes and the planting of trees in the UK to offset your carbon footprint.
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