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Our Projects

We've planted over 120,000 trees in the UK so far.

South East England

6 hectare site to be planted with SRC willow. 

Trees: Willow

CO2e offset: 2,790 tonnes

Number of trees: 50,000

First planted: Spring 2024

Brick houses on a panoramic shot from Muswell Hill, London, UK.jpg

Retrofit  (Pilot)

23% of UK emissions come from heating buildings and our housing stock is among the least energy efficient in Europe.  We want to encourage and reward homeowners to make their homes more energy efficent.

C02 offset: TBC

First started: 2022



14 hectare site across 6 fields on the southern boundary of the Lake District. 

Trees: Willow

C02 offset: 10,000 tonnes

Number of trees: 125,000+

First planted: 2020

Updates on our projects.

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Our activities are consistent with seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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