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Retrofit (Pilot)

Encouraging and rewarding UK retrofitting

Homeowners can get up to £500 against retrofitting costs. Donors can buy carbon offsets for £10 per tC02e

Why Retrofit

23% of UK emissions come from heating buildings, enabling retrofitting* for houses is critical to the UK meeting its overall climate and carbon objectives.

Private home ownership accounts for 83% of the UK housing stock, but retrofitting initiatives have struggled to gain traction at scale.

Retrofitting will reduce the carbon footprint of houses and My Carbon Plan wants to connect homeowners that are investing to retrofit their homes with companies and individuals looking to voluntarily** offset their carbon footprints.

*Retrofitting includes improvements to energy efficiency and the energy sources for housing.

**This pilot is not suitable for mandatory offsetting.

How it works - Homeowners

Homeowners who invest in their properties and improve their home's energy efficiency could get up to £500 back for reducing the carbon footprint.

The improvement in your EPC certificate rating is used to determine the carbon reduction of the investment. This can then be used to receive carbon offset funding provided by our donors and partners.

To participate, please send an email to with:

  • Your EPC certificate

  • Your planned works

We will then contact you to discuss eligibility.

You can find your EPC certificate online here

How it works - Purchasing Offsets

Carbon offsets from retrofitting can be purchased at a rate of £10/tonne. We assess carbon reduction over a 10-year period.


This is a donation/subsidy for the work undertaken by homeowners. The actual cost of work may be significantly higher than this amount.

The purchase of voluntary carbon offsets should be viewed a donation/gift, you will not receive any rights or ownership of any property or assets arising from this payment. 

Our activities are consistent with seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Use our online calculator to estimate your carbon footprint.


Discover easy ways to reduce your carbon usage.


Fund the planting of trees to offset your carbon footprint.
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