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Sustainable Planting

We aim to create a virtuous cycle of capturing and removing carbon from the atmosphere, with a sustainable and scalable approach - so our donor funds go further.

We take a long-term view to reduce and offset carbon 

We fund the planting of (1) willow to be used as a biofuel, replacing carbon intensive fuel sources; and (2) broadleaf trees (hardwoods), to be used in construction industry in 60+ years time. And then replant and repeat.

Creating a sustainable cycle

Plant - Store - Use & Reduce - Repeat

The UK construction industry accounts for 10% of all of the UK's carbon emissions each year (source: Institute of Chartered Engineers & ENVEST).

Using more timber in construction can vastly reduce the amount of embodied carbon in a new home, and potentially reduce it to zero when accounting for the sequestered carbon (source: The BioComposites Centre, Bangor University)

Two-thirds of all the timber used in the UK is currently imported (source: Timber Trade Federation). With over 80% of construction timber imported (source: Chartered Institute of Building).

Growing more broadleaf trees (hardwood) in the UK can create more locally produced construction-strength timber (C24 and above), to supplement the existing forests of spruce and other conifers (source: Forestry Commission).

Background facts and further reading for the construction industry

Our activities are consistent with seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Use our online calculator to estimate your carbon footprint.


Discover easy ways to reduce your carbon usage.


Fund the planting of trees to offset your carbon footprint.
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