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What is the carbon footprint of your company?

Estimate using our free carbon footprint calculator.

Free carbon footprint calculator.

Answer 10 short questions to get an estimate for your company's carbon footprint.

Our calculator has been carefully crafted with data from trusted sources:

The Company Carbon Footprint Calculator has been created with assistance and support from Brilliant British Producers

"Brilliant British Producers is extremely pleased to be partnering with My Carbon Plan as our preferred carbon offsetting partner, who can help you measure, reduce and offset your carbon footprint whilst investing into exclusively UK carbon offsetting projects. My Carbon Plan is a not- for-profit organisation and were proud to be associated with this innovative company."


- Tim Gill, Director Brilliant British Producers

Discover ways to easily reduce your carbon footprint.

Go carbon neutral today and offset your footprint for just £5.50 per month.

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