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Offset your carbon footprint for just £5/mo
Your funds enable us to plant trees in the UK.

Choose Your Carbon Offset Plan

  • Personal

    Every month
    Plant trees to offset your carbon footprint.
    • 1 carbon footprint offset
  • Couple

    Every month
    Offset the carbon footprint for you and your partner.
    • 2 carbon footprints offset
  • Favourite


    Every month
    Help the world become carbon neutral.
    • 3 carbon footprints offset

Plans can be cancelled at any time. No obligation. There is no guarantee that the amount of carbon offset will be the same as the amount intended to be offset. Funds can be used at the sole discretion of My Carbon Plan Ltd. Please see our Terms and Conditions

Purchase Carbon Offsets by Tonne of C02

Company Plans

Become a carbon neutral company

for just £5 per employee per month.

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Your funds enable us to plant trees in the UK.

We aim to use donor funds to plant trees in the UK. Planting trees is one of the most effective ways of reducing carbon.

As a not-for-profit we aim for 70% donor funds to be used to plant trees (in line with the average charity in the UK spends 70% of donations on their end-charitable activity), the remainder is used to cover central adminstration costs and fundraising.


When you provde funding thereis no guarantee that there is any remaining capacity in our existing schemes. Funds may be saved for investment in creating a future offset scheme.

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