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Offset your carbon footprint for £5/month

Go carbon neutral by funding the planting of trees in the UK.

We support and work with others

We are a not-for-profit helping people reduce their carbon impact.

We all know there is a climate crisis, and the significant majority of us would like to reduce our carbon footprint.  But many of us are unsure what to do to reduce our carbon usage and impact.


My Carbon Plan helps people offset their carbon footprint by funding the planting of trees in the UK. We also provide online calculators and identify easy-to-implement actions to enable people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Carefully selected partners

We work with carefully selected partners who share our goals of achieving a net-zero carbon economy.


Tree planting

We plant trees to offset the carbon footprint of our members.  We aim to create a virtuous circle to maximise the impact of donor funds.


My Carbon Plan is a not-for-profit. Our aim is to inform, enable and assist people to offset their carbon usage to help solve climate change.

Offset your carbon footprint for £5/month

Not ready to go carbon neutral?

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