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Willow Sequestration - Essex

Spring 2024 - 6 hectares of short-rotation coppice (SRC) willow, which is approximately 50,000 trees. The willow will be harvested every 3-4 years to be used as a biofuel, and regenerate for 7-8 harvests (20-25 years in total).



Overview & Ethos

The project is located at Lodge Farm Nazeing, Essex. The farm is celebrating its centenary year in 2024, having been run for 100 years by the Graham family. The farm is currently managed by the 3rd and 4th generations of the family and operates as a wedding venue.


The Graham's have always had a strong commitment to farming sustainably, and in a way that doesn't damage the environment, whilst producing high quality food.

Carbon Benefits

The carbon sequestration benefits arise from the carbon captured and stored in the ground in root systems and through the biodegrading of leaf litter. The project expects to sequester 2,790 tCO2e over its lifespan.



The project has been designed in compliance with ICROA principles for voluntary carbon offsetting schemes.


The site has been prepared and is ready for planting in Spring 2024. The Grahams have previous experience of successfully planting and establishing SRC willow, and we are delighted to be working with them.

Willow successfully established elsewhere on Lodge Farm.

The Site

The rectangular field selected is 6 hectares, and was chosen as it is one of the more challenging pieces of land at Lodge Farm. Food production is no longer viable at this location given the changing climate and poor soil type. However, it is well suited to willow - a high carbon capture crop - which can thrive in difficult conditions.


Gallery of Willow Images from Lodge Farm


You can see more updates at Lodge Farm's Instagram page

Support willow planting at Lodge Farm by puchasing voluntary carbon offsets today

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