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March 2020: The UK government has taken the unprecedented step of asking everyone to stay at home for 21 days, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We want to show our support to those in the front-line.


As a small not-for-profit working on carbon-offsetting, we've built a calculator:

 - so you can calculate the carbon you are saving whilst you work from home, and

 - you can donate to NHS staff, the annual cost of carbon-offsetting your commute. 


Thank you for showing them your support.

UPDATE: In the first 24 hours this campaign helped double the donations to our local NHS trust - thank you for your support!

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During the coronavirus the front-line staff are putting themselves (and their families health) at risk by working to save the lives of others. Let's show them they are appreciated.

Links to donation pages for NHS Trust teams

Luton & Dunstable NHS Hospital

more to follow...

Please contact us at to add your local trust page.


Show Your Support

Our calculator has been carefully crafted with data from the ONS

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