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Looking out for new UK carbon offset schemes

My Carbon Plan is looking to support the creators and operators of UK based carbon sequestration schemes. Please contact us to discuss:

Since starting our not-for-profit in 2018, we've support the planting of over 125,000 trees in the UK, but we want to do more. We can provide funding (grants and/or carbon credit purchases) and guidance to enable your schemes to start or grow.

Beyond tree planting

Tree planting is a great way to offset carbon: it can also raise awareness and encourage user participation and engagement. However, we believe innovation will ultimately enable us all to help solve the climate crisis. And so, we are on the lookout for new and innovative projects and schemes that may have carbon sequestration benefits.

If you've started a scheme and need funding to expand, or you have an idea and want to discuss how to get started, please drop us a line, and we would be delighted to hear from you.



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