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18 months after planting - our first willow project

January 2022 - I visited our first site in Grizebeck, Lake District earlier in the month. Although the leaves are off the trees, and they look quite spindly(!), it was still possible to see further growth since our last update.

Grizebeck willow - My Carbon Plan, January 2022

It's not too late to support this project, you can donate from just £5 to support a 3m x 3m plot at this site, or make a general donation for £6.50 to cover each tonne of C02 that you may wish to offset.

Our willow planting partner also took us to see some more mature willow trees which are between 3 years old and getting closer to harvest. They'll need to be 40-60mm in diameter at a height of 10cm from the ground for harvest.

I thought it was interesting to see that as the willow matures it has multiple stems emerging from a single plant:

3 year old willow close up - My Carbon Plan, 2022


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