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Grizebeck Willow Starting to Grow

Our recent planting of willow at the MyCarbonPan - Grizebeck site, is already beginning to show green shoots. The first willow harvest will be in 3 years, and the planting should last for 20-25 years (or about 8 harvest cycles).

Image - Green Shoots of Willow

Closer up, you can see how an initial root stem has started to sprout.

Image: Willow Root Stem Sprouting New Growth

All of the green growth absorbs carbon out of the atmosphere, as does the growth of roots below ground.

You can sponsor the planting at this site, and other sites, with a subscription which offsets your carbon footprint from as little as £5/month, or you can support individual 3m x 3m squares for just £5.


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