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Our First Willow Site!

We've recently started the planting of willow at our first site: MyCarbonPlan - Grizebeck. The site covers 14 acres over 6 fields on the boundary of the Lake District.

Site location: MyCarbonPlan - Grizebeck.

The fields will be planted with a short rotation coppice of willow. Willow will be harvest to be used as a biofuel, delivering three types of carbon offset:

  1. Sequestration in roots and soil;

  2. Sequestration in above ground - although much will be burnt during the biofuel phase; and

  3. Carbon substitution: swapping a green energy for a fossil-fuel based energy.

The net impact will be 6-10 tonnes of C02 per annum per hectare, depending on the yield.

Photo: Our first willow plants, showing sign of growth after only a few days.

We are delighted to be up and running in a meaningful way and starting to offset carbon. We would like to thank all of our donors so far, and those waiting in the wings, who've helped us to get going. As well as our partners involved with the planting at this location.

Thank you!

We've also been busy working with what3words

We've also started using the what3words mapping system to enable all of our donor funding to be allocated to specific 3m x 3m squares on our sites.

Subscription donors will be automatically assigned squares each month. And donors may even decide to select individual squares to support at any time.

Donors can be confident of how their funds are being used, and we believe it brings a new level of transparency and accountability to carbon offsetting in the UK.

More details are set out on our what3words and donor squares page.


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